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Twinflowers Il Tasso Az Tobi 

(born 13 Aug 2014)

Pedigree here

International, Swedish,  Norwegian, Danish Champion, European and Swedish Junior Winner 2015. Poland Winner 2018

Second best male in Sweden 2017

Hips. B

Elbows: 0

Eyes: gPRA ++, ECVO Clear

Approved for breeding by the Dutch breeding Committee


One litter (march 2017) in Norway with NO CH  Billebakkens Fröya

One litter (december 2017) in Sweden with Humbledoes W Skrållan

One litter (January 2021) in the Netherlands with Skiere Lys Rose van Elsan's Nust

Lives with Tova Örting Lindqvist in Trelleborg

Twinflowers Summer Trolliifolium

(born 12 of March 2019)
Pedigree here

Swedish and Danish Champion
2nd best puppy male at VNS 2019
BOB Clubshow in Germany 2022

Best schapendoes male in Sweden 2022

Hips: A

Elbows: 0


ECVO: Clear

Mental test

Lives with Tova Örting Lindqvist in Trelleborg

Konig Kix Does van Reurik

(born 20 of January 2021)

Pedigree here

Hips: A

Elbows: 0

Eyes: gPRA: N/N
CAC, Excellent

Mental test
Approved for breeding

ECVO: will be done

Kix lives with Susanne Molin in Falköping



mobile phone:

+46 702  140 310